VFA.org Hosted Platform Adoption Plan

This space contains background resources and comments on the proposal to adopt Overseas Vote Foundation's (OVF) hosted voter registration platform.

The new VFA site is now on-line at:


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The Problem:

Our current VoteFromAbroad.org website is not up to date with current and accurate Local Election Official data or with the latest FPCA voter registration form, and the website in need of some crucial security and software module updates.
So, we face a choice.

A) We have the option of contracting our existing single developer to carry out these required updates – which will also require substantial time and input from DA volunteers to review and confirm the content and legal accuracy of both the State-by-State on-line input forms and the generated FPCA PDF documents.
Or, B) we have the option of establishing a hosted platform relationship with the Overseas Vote Foundation – a single-purpose non-profit organization that is focused on providing voter registration tools for US States and other voter registration organizations.
In either case, our use and promotion of www.VoteFromAbroad.org web address will not change!




Background and Discussion

Learn more about our decision and process of creating a new VFA.org site and Share Your Thoughts!

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