Resolution to amend the Democrats Abroad Charter by enhancing diversity on the International Executive Committee


Proposed by Katie Solon (International Chair)



WHEREAS, the Charter currently allows the election of seven (7) international Executive Committee Officers of one gender and one (1) Officer of another;


WHEREAS, gender balance is a laudable goal and a long-held Democratic Party value;


WHEREAS, Regional Vice Chair elections should be gender-neutral since each Region only elects one Officer, Regions should elect the person they want and not be forced to provide gender balance for the whole;


WHEREAS, the five (5) international Officers should provide as much gender parity as possible.


BE IT RESOLVED, that Section 4.1 of the Democrats Abroad Charter shall be amended as follows:


Section 4.1 (Officers)


The elected officers of the DPCA shall consist of:


(i)                 the International Chair, International Vice Chair, International Treasurer, International Secretary, and International Counsel, no more than two (2) of whom shall be from the same Country Committee at the time of the election and no more than three (3) shall be of the same gender .     Such offices shall be held by individuals from at least two (2) different Regions; and


(ii)              the Three (3) Regional Vice Chairs.




Proposed: March 21, 2017