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Discussion and Comments on the new site

The new VFA site is now on-line at:

Please add your comments in the comment box below.  If you are logged in with the shared DA account, please add your name in the text of the message.




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  1. user-719e8

    It's looking nice and much improved.  But some gotcha's here:

    -- When asked to create an account, which I did, I got the message that an account already existed with that email address (I had created one before).  That part is fine.  BUT now there's no way to get out -- it's brought me back to the page with all my info on but objecting (in red, above my email address) that the account already exists.  There's a Continue button at the bottom, but no Back or easy way out (the Continue button brings up the same screen again).(see 2 attachements)

    -- There are 2 identical notes about your privacy on (see last attachment)

    -- As I mentioned in previous version, this note is misleading since if they choose to join DA or even if they just created an account here, we DO store their "Voter identification information".

    -- At the beginning I requested both an FPCA and a FWAB.  But at the end all I was able to download was the FPCA; no FWAB was referred to.


    No way to do attachments here, so I will send to Merrill

    1. Thanks for catching the "existing account loop" and for reporting the privacy notes that need correcting.  These have been reported and should be fixed shortly.

      With the FPCA and FWAB, you have to select one or the other, but you can always choose this from the very top of the "Request Ballot" page.

      You can add screenshot images with the "+" button on the text-box editing menu. 

  2. user-719e8

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but when I log back into the system (the eval version), only my voter type, voting history selection, my name (it lost my middle name tho) and email address is filled in on the forms.  All the rest is blank (addresses, phone, ...).  So now to request a FWAB, it' appears I'd have to re-enter all the same info.  So what's the benefit of having the account?

    1. Try to test again.  Our follow-up test are showing that all of this address data is retained, and should be pre-populated in the form.

      1. user-719e8

        I just logged back in and all that shows up in my account is just my first and last name and email address.  All the rest is blank.  Same whether I'm viewing/editing my profile or requesting a ballot.  Maybe my account is messed up ???

        Let me know and I can either refill in the account and try again, or there's still a problem.


  3. Anonymous

    Dear Sir/Madame,


    I have a problem with this, when I am asked if I'd like to open an account, I have chosen not to open an account, at this  point I cannot 

    continue the process of requesting an absentee ballot.

    If I am unable to request an absentee ballot, surely everyone else that is requesting a ballot is stuck at the same point and cannot

    continue so, they have to give up. And, they will be unable to vote using VOTEFROMABROAD.ORG.

    Teresa Simoni

    1. Hi Teresa,  thank you for reporting this issue.  Yes, on making some final changes in preparing for the launch we found that there was a link error that did not let the voter proceed without creating an account.  

      This has now been fixed so please try this again and let us know of your success.  Creating a voter account is encouraged, but it is not required to use the site.  We want to make sure that it is an effective tool for all voters.  Thanks for your input.