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The mission of the Study Abroad Outreach team is to help get out the vote among the 330,000 Americans who study abroad each year, and provide support to the country committees already working in the area. Documents in this area are designed to help coordinate our efforts. 

Global Student Outreach 101

Quick introduction to creating a Study Abroad Outreach program. If you're new to Study Abroad Outreach or need a reminder of what to do next, start here!

Study Abroad Program Map

Database of study abroad contact information.

Vote Your Ballot!

Emails and Flyers to remind students to vote.

Sample Letters to Students

Letters on Vote from Abroad letterhead that can be customized and printed

Flyers, Posters and Other Print Materials

Sample posters and flyers for program staff and students (these materials still need updated for the 2018 election)

Introduction Call Scripts to Study Abroad Program Staff

Call scripts to international Study Abroad program staff.

Introduction and Follow-Up Emails to Study Abroad Program Staff 

Sample email copy that can be customized.

Social Media Images and Posts

Images from flyers and posters in social media-ready format and sizes

Call & Email Script to US Colleges and Universities

Reach out to your alma mater with this call script and outreach instructions. 

DPCA support for Study Abroad

Apply for funding to support your Study Abroad outreach program! Applications are due by September 28.

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  1. How can I contact Rebecca Leach Seymour?  I have a question regarding artwork for buttons/t-shirts/stickers  please can you email me at [email protected]?  thanks

  2. Love these posters. In future, please include some resources that are Democrats specific and study abroad appropriate, for students to hang around campus. Sue Alksnis, Canada, Progressive Caucus

  3. Helenka Kinnan here, DA Italy Rome Chapter. I would like to start helping Neal out with the Study Abroad. How do I start? thanks (no hurry! the GPP is first!)

    [email protected]

    1. Helena–great to hear from you–we met in Athens!  I really look forward to helping Italy achieve great heights (smile)

      I'll email you directly but yes, after GPP!!!

      Best, Linda