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For information on the 2019 Charter Amendment Propositions, please see here

2018 Standing Bylaws Committee (SBC)

  • Tom Schmid, SBC Chair (Japan)
  • Ada Shen, SBC Secretary (France)
  • Katie Solon (Germany)
  • Josh Van der Ploeg (United Kingdom)
  • Rick Wicks (Sweden)
  • Aaron Kruse (China)
  • Anu Naidu, Observer (Costa Rica)

2018 Proposed Charter Amendments

PDF texts of the 2018 Charter Amendment Propositions currently under consideration in advance of the 2018 Global Meeting in Tokyo, Japan (May 25-27) are available here:


  • ** 2018 Bylaws Committee Report - May 24, 2018
    The current 2018 Bylaws Committee Report is available here.

  • ** 2018 Charter Amendment Propositions (Compiled)
    A compiled PDF of all 2018 Charter Amendment Propositions, Bates-stamped (additional page numbers) and with a Table of Contents for ease of reference can be found here.

  • ** 2018 Charter Amendments - SBC Amended and Recommended (broken link fixed - apologies - ada)
    This page lists the SBC Amended and Recommended texts of the 2018 Charter Amendment Propositions, where the changes reflect recommendations made in the SBC Report, but where this version was not accepted by the Amendment authors. (Where SBC changes were accepted by the Amendment authors, these versions have already been posted on the Wiki and are incorporated in the Compiled PDF text). Available here.

Notice/Recordings of Public Hearings April 2018

The Standing Bylaws Committee (SBC) welcomes your participation in a series of hearings that will be held in April to gather input from our leaders and members on proposals to amend the Democrats Abroad Charter. The hearings are scheduled as follows:

PUBLIC HEARING 1: Sex/Gender-Based Diversity & Code of Conduct / Sexual Harassment
April 7, 2018 from 8 am to 11 am EDT on WebEx
• Meeting Agenda is now published here.

PUBLIC HEARING 2: Representation (One Person, One Vote) & Country Committee Vote Apportionment/Allocation
April 14, 2018 from 8 am to 11 am EDT on WebEx
• Meeting Agenda is now published here.

PUBLIC HEARING 3: Spill-Over Hearing*
April 21, 2018 from 8 am to 11 am EDT on WebEx
• Meeting Agenda is now published here.

* The "spill-over hearing" on April 21st is intended to address any business that was not addressed during Hearing 1 or Hearing 2, and we will discuss as many other Charter amendment proposals as possible at that time.

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